The most important thing today a company needs to have is a strong and consistent brand. Today we have provided you with the information related to the brand which we have reviewed for the product chainsaw. It becomes tough for us to select a brand that is producing the best chainsaw. We might face problems in deciding which brand is best and which brand must be avoided. The chainsaw market is quite more competitive than many things as there were many brands introduced in the market in the past few decades. If you are in search of buying a chainsaw with the perfect brand then you are on the perfect page.

Every brand has a vision that differs from one brand to another and they also have a sign and a symbol for something. So, for their vision, they work so hard and try to achieve success. Here we will provide you with the list of the top brands for chainsaw which we have reviewed in our articles. So, you can decide which one is the perfect brand for you.

Top Brands


Husqvarna is a brand that produces the best quality of chainsaw and power tools. Sweden was the state where they started their first operation. They manufacture a variety of the product such as Watering products, cutting equipment, and diamond tools for the construction. Husqvarna is said to be one of the largest companies for producing power tools, lawnmowers, and trimmers. They have a history of more than 300 years. This company goes on with the changing demand of the world and produces the best type of gas chainsaw. They also produce products such as bicycles, sewing machines, and more but commonly known for the chainsaw.


Makita is a company that is a well-known producer of power tools. It is a Japanese company that was established in 1951. This company manufactures different chainsaws but they are well known for their battery-powered chainsaw. Nowadays Makita is known to be one of the leading brands for producing the battery-powered and corded electric chainsaw. Makita acquires Dolmar (gas manufacturing company) in the year 1991 and then became a well-deserving company on the top list. If your first priority for the chainsaw is battery chainsaw then you must go for this brand.


Arthur mall was the founder of this brand and he found it in the year 1921. When it was established it was known to be a very small company that produces the chainsaw. In the year 1951, they have manufactured their first chainsaw and now they are known to be a major brand for manufacturing the chainsaw. Remington offers you a chainsaw that is affordable in nature and you can easily buy it. This brand is now a well-known brand and produces high-quality chainsaw and other power tools. They also focus on continuing with new things that can help their customers.


Oregon is a brand that is providing service since 1949 and a well knows chainsaw manufacturing brand. The highest standard products are manufactured by Oregon and thus they were a well-known brand for manufacturing chainsaw. They were known for making the standard chain and bar in the beginning. The well-known company such as Stihl, Husqvarna, and many other uses the Oregon brand components in their chainsaw. Nowadays they also started producing electric and battery-operated chainsaw. It is one of the best reliable brands in terms of reputation and experience in the market.

Poulan Propoulan-pro

Poulan pro was founded in Louisiana. They were the well-known manufacturer of outdoor power, which includes riding lawn mowers and many other types of equipment. This brand of chainsaw is mostly used by homeowners along with professionals. They produce the saw with the help of quality material and thus they have a high reputation in the market. Nowadays this company has been owned by the brand name Husqvarna. The design made by this chainsaw is light in weight and also easy to use. It is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Craftsman is known to be a house brand that manufactures the power tool and a well-known brand for the chainsaw. These tools are first sold by Sears and K-Mart and manufactured by another company, but history changed a lot in a few decades. Since 2017 the craftsman brand has been owned by Stanely black & decker and they sell and manufacture a variety of tools in the name of Craftsman. The tools created by them are the most used tool by professionals. Professional use their tool due to its high intensity and the heavy material used by them for making it.


WORK company focuses on customer support and provides tools that are environmentally friendly and are easy for the environment. This is the only reason why they are known for making the electric or battery-powered chainsaw. It was founded in the year 1994. This brand chainsaw is the most used by the homeowners for their occasional use. Their tools are not for heavy work like felling or large piles of firewood. They produce their product with good quality material and their products are affordable in nature. WWF’s Platinum has been awarded to them for low carbon manufacturing.


GreenWorks is a new brand that was established in the year 2007 in order to produce environment free power tools/chainsaw. They are well known for manufacturing electric and battery-powered chainsaw. GreenWorks provides more reliable tools. Their products include edgers, trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, air compressors, cultivators, and more. GreenWorks tools and chainsaw are a good range of product for use of homeowners as well as the professional. They deliver the best performance and power with the help of the technology they use.


DeWalt is a worldwide company that is known for producing power equipment. It was manufactured by Raymond DeWalt in 1924. Today DeWalt is a well-known company in the market for producing tools like a chainsaw. This brand is also acquired by the Stanely Black+Decker. Their brand is well known as a woodworking machine. DeWalt produces tools that are battery-powered or electric operated. They also introduce tools with lithium-ion batteries in the year 2010. Their tools are made for heavy-duty as well as the homeowner’s work.

Sun Joesun-joe

Sun Joe provides us high-quality outdoor tools and power tools. It was founded in the year 2004 at that time they have just come up with a single tool. Nowadays they are producing a range of tools Air compressor, Chainsaw + pole saws, Firepits + bowls, Cordless sun joe, Gardening tools, Lead blowers + leaf vacuums, and Lawnmowers and many more products. These company products are sold by the brand named Snow Joe. Today this company is a well-known company that provides you a variety of products. They have created products that are gas-free and cord-free it means battery-powered tools are manufactured by them.


Black+Decker was founded in the year 1910 as a small machine shop and now they are the world-renowned brand for producing power tools. Some tools that are manufacture by them are also used in NASA. Black+Decker produces a variety of corded and cordless electric chainsaws and tools. They became Stanely black+decker by merging with Stanely in the year 2010. They sell the industrial chainsaw and potential chainsaw for market overseas. Towson, Maryland, north of Baltimore is the place where this company is headquartered.


Wen is known to be one of the leading brands when you search for planners, nailers, and chainsaws. Nick Anton founded this brand in the year 1951 and then it became a well-known company for producing different kinds of power tools. Their products are mainly used by homeowners. As they produce lightweight tools that help the homeowners in the small tasks which they took out in their place. It is headquartered in Elgin, Illinois. They are manufacturing and selling many different kinds of tools for many decades and have good customer support.