Black+Decker LCS1020 Review – 20V Max Cordless

Black+Decker LCS1020 Review 129.00

Product Name: Black+Decker LCS1020

Product Description: It is a 10 inch 20V max lithium-ion chainsaw that has many features. It has a 20v max lithium battery for long run-time and long life which stays charged up to 5x longer. Black+Decker LCS1020 chain provides smooth and fast cuts. This chain saw has a Tool-less chain tensioning system which makes the guide has and chain adjustment a snap. This saw comes with a 20V lithium-ion battery which can run up to 3 to 4 hours without stopping your cutting.




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  • Durability - 95%
  • Safety Features - 92%
  • Maneuverability - 95%
  • Easy to use - 94%


This chainsaw is ideal for pruning and cutting small logs up to a 10-inch diameter. It is lightweight and maneuverable. Black+Decker LCS1020 does not have a chord which means it is great for close quarter cutting when you need to get the saw bar in a tighten and awkward situation. If you have a small yard that it will take less time by using the LCS1020.


  • Excellent for close quarter cutting in tight spaces.
  • It is easy to handle and start.
  • This chainsaw has a simple chain tensioning system.
  • It is very small and practical and has a great price.
  • A lot of safety features.


  • It does not have an automatic chain oiling.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty wood cutting.
  • You have to check the tensioning system regularly.
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Nowadays as we know people grow small trees in the yard of their house. So as this kind of tree which we grow in our yard is small in size. It is necessary to clean the trees by cutting some branches which are of no use. So for this kind of small work, not all people will buy a big chainsaw. So here is the article regarding the Black+Decker LCS1020 chainsaw which is small in size and lightweight. You can use these types of chainsaws for cutting branches in the yard. Read the article carefully so that you will get all the information regarding this chainsaw.

Black+Decker LCS1020 Review


Black+Decker LCS1020 comes with 20V max lithium-ion and has a length of 10 inches. The 20V max lithium-ion battery has a long life and keeps on working 5X longer. You will get smooth and fast cuts by using this chainsaw. It comes with tool-less chain tensioning that makes the chain and guide adjustments a snap.

There is a manual push-button oiler which will require you to lubricate the part inconsistently. It is recommended that you should charge the chainsaw after each use. The bars and blades must be kept clean in order to maintain the chainsaw. This chainsaw comes up with many different kinds of features and it is known to be an ideal chainsaw.


This chainsaw is ideal for pruning and cutting small logs up to a 10-inch diameter. It is lightweight and maneuverable. Black+Decker LCS1020 does not include a chord that means this chainsaw is a great tool for close quarter cutting and when you need the saw bar in an awkward and tighten situation. If you have a small yard that it will take less time by using the LCS1020. As it is battery powered it is easy for you to take it on camping trips without any hassle. The saw would definitely cut to a 10-inch log easily. If the branches are thicker than the LCS1020 will provide more struggle to complete the task. This saw can work the tasks such as cutting the diameter of branches up to 1- inches with patience. 

Features of Black+Decker LCS1020

The feature we have to mention first is size and dimension. This chain is 26-inch long, and 10-inches wide. When you assemble it fully it weighs 7.2 pounds. Large wood cutting and felling of trees can be easily done with this chainsaw. This chainsaw is known to be the best chainsaw due to the following features. First of all, it has a 20V battery that helps to run the saw for a long time and work efficiently. It is light in weight so that you can easily handle this tool. 

Battery Powered

The LCS1020 is a battery-powered chainsaw. A lithium-ion 20V 2 AMP/hour battery is used in Black+Decker LCS1020. These batteries are chargeable battery although it has the voltage of 18V. It is capable top provide a current of 2 AMP for one hour of work as the battery is rated to be 2AMP per hour. This battery will take 3 to 5 hours to charge fully with the charger provided.

Cutting Equipment

The Black+Decker LCS1020 comes with a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain that provides you a low kickback. You will get a handy marketing guide that will provide you with the direction in which you should dilute the chain. Oregon is known to be well known and leading brand for creating the chain and guide bar, and hence the chain used in LCS1020 is of the best quality. It is not required to swap the bar for large or small ones on the saw.

The Oregon chainsaw comes with 40 links and a pitch of 3/8″ and a gauge of 0.043″. The chain is an Oregon micro-lite. If the cutter will touch the ground with all the chains it will get dull. It is required to be sharpened by a file and file holder of 4.5mm. A chain tensioning know that tends to lose the chain easily is there in the saw and you have to tighten it regularly.

Pollution Free 

There are many benefits that a cordless chainsaw provides. The first thing about this chainsaw is that you can easily start this saw just by a simple switch. You do not have to wrestle with the pull cords, that are there in the corded chainsaw. Similarly, users need not have to buy gas for using it. Even not need to deal with fumes and air filter replacements. This type of chainsaw didn’t require gas so it is pollution-free.

Chain Oil System

The LCS1020 comes up with an automatic oil lubricating system. It means that you should not provide the oil manually to the chain, but you have to release the oil when you are using the chainsaw. You can do this task easily just by pressing the primer bulb on the oil cap by three times before every cut. There is a screw cap positioned on the top of the unit that is used to add the oil. It also includes a translucent window and an indicator that helps you to check the level of the oil.

It is required to allow the oil to befall below a quarterly full, you will get a 450 ML capacity of the oil reservoir. You will get the oil for around $10 that will help to fill the reservoir around 19 times. High-quality oil must be used for the chain and the bar.

Safety Features

A range of safety features has been provided by Black+Decker LCS1020. It is recommended that you must use the product as per the instruction provided in the manufacturer’s guide. It is also that you should not relying entirely on the safety features provided by the saw.

Low kickback bar and chain: It has a low kickback bar and chain designed by ANSI B174 standards. It helps to make fewer effects on the kickbacks. Though it provides you low kickback, you must not rely totally upon it as the kickback can occur still. So, it is necessary to take precautions by keeping your elbow to the left arm and locked it so that it can remain straight. You must not touch the chainsaw with the tip of the guidebar or your nose.

Lock-off Button: To operate or to enable the trigger button, the lock-off button must be depressed. It helps to prevent the accidental start-up of the chainsaw.

Handlebar Guards: This chainsaw includes front and rear handle guards that protect the hands against damage. These guards will protect the hand from the flying object and a snapped or derailed chain making damage.


As you might know that it has a manual oiling system, so it is required to press the bulb present on the oil cap three times before the cutting process. It is recommended not to allow the oil to go below 25% in this chainsaw. 50 ML is the capacity of the oil reservoir for Black+Decker LCS1020. It is required to sharpen the chain when you use it as it might get dull when it touches something other than wood. It is easy to adjust the chain as it has a tool-free chain tensioning system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the type of power source?

It is a battery-powered Lithium-Ion 20v 2 amp hour battery is used.

2. What is the bar length of Black+Decker LCS1020?

Bar length is 10 mn.

3. Which type of blade is used in the chainsaw?

Oregon blade is used in the chainsaw.

4. For how many hours we have to charge the battery?

You have to charge it for 3 to 5 hours.

Wrap Up

As we know that for cutting small branches and limbs in the yard we can’t use a big chainsaw. Here is the article about Black+Decker LCS1020. This chain saw is light in weight and small-sized. It is good for pruning and cutting small logs in the yard. Read the article to get all the information regarding the product you will definitely get all the answers to your question. In case you find any trouble or have doubts regarding it then do mention them in the comment section below. 

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