About Me

Hello readers,

My name is Jason and welcome to my website, this website is for all those who want to learn more about chainsaws and also to learn to choose the best chainsaws for themselves, well that is the motive. So, I am here today to tell you a little something about myself and my passion for cutting craft and how I got into using these various chainsaws and then eventually becoming an expert (I am not boasting).

I have been around trees all my childhood and the art of cutting was taught to me by my brother. My big brother used to take me on these trek through woods and teach me the art of cutting woods. It started with the purpose of making me a little more active in life but gradually I started liking what my brother was saying. My father was not around much when I was little, he had to work hard and that made it difficult for him to stay with his family all the time. So, for me, my brother has been someone who used to teach me things. Things like driving a bicycle, playing cards, and many more things but what stuck in my head the most was these treks.

My brother taught me all the things about chainsaws, what is the right way to cut it, how to handle a chainsaw, what to expect when you start a chainsaw, etc. Over the years as new kinds of chainsaws came into the market, my fascination for them increased. I have used all kinds of chainsaws and have learned a lot more. I still find myself discussing chainsaws with my brother.

My Motive

I came up with this website to gather people and share my knowledge with them and to help them make the best choice for themselves. There is no particular date or time when you can get my advice. You can just visit this website and get my advice any time of the day. This makes it really convenient for everyone. I have done my best to answer all kinds of questions, including what are the good and bad points of a chainsaw. You learn from your mistakes and I did that over the years which made me confident about giving people advice about chainsaws and so here we are.

Let Me Be Your Personal Guide

Choosing the best chainsaws is art. All those minor things to look for and to get the feeling that yes, this is the one for me. I can help you find the feeling and of course your chainsaw as well.

If you are looking for a chainsaw just for light tasks, I got you covered.

If you are looking for a chainsaw for heavier tasks or a professional chainsaw, I got you covered there too.

How can I be so confident? Well apart from my knowledge about chainsaws, what makes me your perfect guide is that I have experience using these chainsaws by myself and that is far more important than any other aspect. I assure you my personal experience will come in handy for you.

So, why don’t we get started with finding your best chainsaws? If you are already clear with what type of chainsaw you want to go with, then why don’t you take a look directly at my top 10 choices for different types of chainsaws: